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Laws and regulations on investment
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Decree No.102/2016/ND-CP
  This Decree applies to Vietnamese and foreign organizations and individuals operating in pharmacy in Vietnam.
Civil Code
  The Civil Code provides the legal status, legal standards for the conduct of natural and juridical persons; the rights and obligations of natural and juridical person (hereinafter referred to as persons) regarding personal and property rights and obligations in relations established on the basis of equality, freedom of will, independence of property and self-responsibility (hereinafter referred to as civil relations).
Law on Accounting
  This Law provides for contents of accounting works, accounting apparatus, accountants, accounting services, accounting management by regulatory bodies, and accounting associations.
Law on Fees and Charges
  This Law regulates the list of fees, charges; fee and charge payers (hereinafter referred to as 'payers’); fee and charge collecting agencies (hereinafter referred to as ‘collectors’); principles of determination of level of collection, exemptions, remissions, payment, management and use of fees, charges; authority and responsibility of regulatory agencies and other organizations in management of fees and charges.
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