Assistance from ITPC

ITPC is a government agency specialized in facilitating investment and trade in Ho Chi Minh City. With our main functions of export promotion and attraction of foreign direct investment, ITPC acts as an efficient bridge between local enterprises and foreign counterparts.

We offer one-stop solution to assist Vietnamese and foreign enterprises in trade and export promotion in all aspects. We provide direct and online business information, annual trade fairs, exhibitions and various other business match-making activities. Over the last few years, ITPC receives and works with thousands of foreign business delegations coming to HCMC to discover business and investment opportunities in Vietnam.

To seize your business opportunities, ITPC supports clients with consulting services, legal and technical assistance in trade and export activities. It ensures the availability of information on markets, government regulations and other legal writings concerning the trading, manufacturing activities of the enterprises.

2. Services offered

Service 1Providing necessary information on trade and investment direct and online

ITPC offer numerous information channels for enterprises to gain their market knowledge. Our regular activities are:

  • Inquiries via emails
  • Export center at 92 – 96 Nguyen Hue Blv.: This is a showroom for displaying exported goods produced by local enterprises in HCMC and the neighboring provinces. It is developed and administrated by The Governmental Investment & Trade Promotion Center of HCMC (ITPC) in cooperation with key industry associations in Ho Chi Minh City in different areas: food, wood, handicraft, garment & textile, IT, etc. The Center's objective is to promote high quality products and services of small & medium enterprises (SMEs) of HCMC; supporting them to seek for export information and new export markets, business opportunities, potential customers and partners.
  • Business Directory and other trade related topics publication
  • Enterprises Database
  • Networking programs: working with other trade promotion center in other provinces  
  • Online access to ITPC website

Service 2Arranging promotional or individual meetings for interested parties in trade and investment.

ITPC offers a wide range of consulting services to interested parties in order to facilitate their export projects. We will help connect your enterprise to desired partner through our network with local enterprises, key industry associations in different areas and Government Departments.

  • Face to face consultation and information sharing
  • Organizing showroom
  • Business match-making
  • Trade fair & exhibition organization
  • Trade fair participation: Mekong Exhibition (Japan), Tendence Life Style (Frankfurt – German), CPD (Düsseldorf – Germany), Anuga (Cologne, Germany), SIAL (China, France), SFW (Singapore), Magic Show (Las Vegas - US), The International West Coast Seafood (Los Angeles – US), Saitex (South Africa), etc.

Service 3Hosting trouble shooting dialogues – direct and online between businesses and government authorities.

  • Meeting between enterprises and government representatives
  • Business to Government Online Dialogue System: businesses can ask questions to government Departments and receive answers online within 5 days (questions in English may take longer than 5-days).
  • Answers provided online will have legal validity
  • Questions may be kept confidential and the reply will only be available to the enquirer. However, if confidentiality is not requested, the answers become part of a growing database of answered questions, fully searchable by other registered users.

Service 4: ITPC holds seminars and workshops on focused issues for exporters; training courses for business on corporate management, integration into the globalized world economy, business regulations and procedures

  • Over the past 3 years, ITPC have run nearly 100 training courses, seminars on economic integration and on foreign trade skills with more than 5,000 business participants.
  • Workshops on various export issues (export marketing issues, export marketing plans, market access requirements on key sectors, website promotions, etc.)

Service 5: Export Coaching Program

ITPC coordinates with CBI to open Export Coaching Program (ECP) for various sectors:

  • ECP – OSS  (Office/School Supplies)
  • ECP – OFS (Outerwear & Fashion Sportswear)
  • ECP- ITO (IT Outsourcing)
  • ECP – Home Textiles