Capital Elite attracts South Korean investors

Capital Elite is a popular investment destination for Korean investors due to its prime location in Hanoi’s new CBD and diverse entertainment and leisure areas.

The Vietnamese real estate market is attracting South Korean investors due to rapid infrastructure development, reasonable property pricing, and potential value appreciation.

The proportion of foreign individuals interested in Vietnam’s real estate is increasing, with a particular focus on Korean investors.

According to The Chosun Ilbo, Vietnam is the second most popular destination for real estate investment among Korean investors.

Experts point out that it primarily stems from the high-profit potential and high-quality products, coupled with the participation of reputable developers, which have contributed to driving the investment trend. The relaxation of Vietnam’s housing law is also making it easier for foreigners to purchase property.

Furthermore, the attractive market prices are a crucial factor in drawing the attention of Korean real estate investors.

According to Le Thi Hang, CEO of Indochine Real Estate, with the same amount of money, instead of investing in one apartment in their home country, they can purchase three high-quality apartments in Vietnam. This allows them to diversify their investment portfolio.

Moreover, rental yields in Vietnam are quite favorable. Continuous infrastructure growth also brings excellent price appreciation potential to the real estate market.

Renowned for their culture and lifestyle that leans towards apartment living, up to 79% of Korean customers opt for premium high-rise condominiums in major urban centers.

One of the luxury apartment projects in Hanoi, Capital Elite is capturing the attention of the Korean community.

Not only does Capital Elite boast a prime location right on Pham Hung Street, one of the most rapidly developing thoroughfares, but it also sits at the heart of the new CBD, the new economic hub of Hanoi, which is home to major administrative centers, headquarters of large corporations, and a variety of entertainment and leisure areas.

As a result, residents enjoy seamless connectivity to a plethora of educational, healthcare, entertainment, and government facilities in the area, all within just a few minutes’ commute, making it a perfectly integrated living space.

Additionally, the My Dinh area is also a hub for a substantial expatriate community in the capital city. Capital Elite serves as one of the ideal destinations to meet the rising demand of Korean nationals living and working in Vietnam, a number that increases each year.

Especially in the My Dinh-Me Tri urban areas, there is a concentration of affluent Korean residents.

With the growing demand for housing, workspace, and entertainment for this group, the potential for both rental income and property appreciation is on the rise.

In addition to its favorable location, on-site amenities and living spaces are also factors that investors pay special attention to.

With a collection of 36 exclusive amenities, including a shopping center, international restaurants, a luxurious sky bar, all-season swimming pools, a jacuzzi, and a premium gym and fitness center, Capital Elite aligns perfectly with the notion of enjoying the most extensive amenities when living in an apartment for Korean residents.

Furthermore, the project’s abundant amenities, along with the fact that 100% of the apartments cover over 100 square meters and have 3 bedrooms, ensure that it meets the standards of even the most discerning Korean guests.

For further information, contact the Development & Project Management Unit for Capital Elite on the first floor of the CT4 Vimeco Building, Nguyen Chanh Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi.