Deputy PM urges acceleration of electricity licensing for finished wind, solar power projects

Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha has requested the Ministry of Industry and Trade to accelerate the process of issuing electricity licenses for wind and solar power projects that have been completed but have not yet been put into operation.

The Government Office recently issued a Notice on Deputy PM Ha’s conclusion at a meeting related to the negotiations of electricity price for these projects.

The document stated that in order to achieve the goal of sustainable development, the Government has been implementing necessary solutions for the national energy transition, including policies to encourage investment in renewable energy development.

Many wind and solar power plants, which have been invested and put into operation, have supplemented an important power source to contribute to ensuring national energy security and boosting socio-economic development. However, many others have not been put into use, causing waste of social resources.

Therefore, the Ministry of Industry and Trade was required to issue a specific guidance document on methods of calculating and negotiating electricity prices for wind and solar power in accordance with regulations.

For projects that are not yet eligible for operation and still having problems with legal procedures, the ministry and localities where the transitional power projects are located should urgently guide enterprises to complete the prescribed procedures.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment was urged to issue a document before May 25 guiding the People's Committees of provinces and cities to consider and decide to adjust investment policies for transitional projects with the implementation time of more than 24 months compared to the time limit specified in the first investment policy approval letter in accordance with regulations.