Frozen Vietnamese fish sandwich becomes big hit in US

Chinh said she began selling the baguette with fish cake inside in frozen form last year as she missed Vietnamese food herself.

She imports the products from Vietnam and regularly sells 30,000 packs a month, rising sometimes to 50,000.
"It was an unexpected result in the first year as I only wanted to test the market."

The product sold well because consumers want to spend less time cooking and prices are reasonable, she said.
A pack costs US$5.99.

Many families buy a whole box of 25 packs, each with two baguettes covered in ground shrimp sauce and pickles.

CWTS Group also sells Vietnamese sticky rice at the same price for a pack of three portions.

The items are the two best-selling frozen foods on Asian food platform SayWeee with weekly sales of over 1,000.

Tuan Anh, a Vietnamese- American, said he often buys several boxes at a time.

"Heating it up is convenient and the taste is well preserved."

CWTS Group expects sales of the sandwich and sticky rice to rise to 7.2 million each annually.

It also plans to sell other Vietnamese foods such as tomato soup and braised fish.

Source: VnExpress