Number of Vietnamese sellers on Amazon up by 80%

Vietnam’s B2C (Business To Consumer) retail export turnover is estimated at 3.5 billion USD in 2022, showing the great potential of Vietnam’s cross-border e-commerce, according to a report from Access Partnership.

Vietnam is becoming an emerging center of global manufacturing and supply that can provide international quality products at competitive prices, the report said.

Nearly 10 million Made in Vietnam products were sold on Amazon in 2022, with the number of Vietnamese sellers on this platform increasing by 80 percent.

With that potential, Vietnam - as an increasingly important production center in Asia and the world - promises to bring many unique, quality Made in Vietnam products to the international market. However, to achieve long-term sustainable growth, Vietnamese businesses need a comprehensive strategic approach.

Mastering production potential and understanding the B2C retail export environment and the importance of branding are the keys to helping Vietnamese small and medium enterprises increase their chances of success with online exports.

Gijae Seong, Managing Director of Amazon Global Selling Vietnam, said that exports have been an important spearhead of the Vietnamese economy for many years. Today, thanks to strong digital transformation, this is the time to boost exports by promoting digitalization and accelerating e-commerce in exports. Amazon Global Selling Vietnam aims to promote and support the development of small and medium sized enterprises through cross-border e-commerce.

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