Pangasius exports to US records upturn in March

This also marked the month that pangasius processors have earned the highest export value in the US market since June 2023.

The country’s pangasius exports to this market during the first quarter of the year also surged by 12% year on year to nearly US$65 million.

China and Hong Kong (China) bought US$36 million worth of the fish from Vietnam in March, up 56% over the previous month but down 44% year on year.

However, four-month pangasius exports to these markets fell 22% year on year to nearly US$112 million due to low demand during the Lunar New Year holiday in China.

Elsewhere, Vietnamese pangasius exports to the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) market in March dropped by 8% to roughly US$22 million, but saw a rise of 8% to more than US$59 million from January to April.  

Experts pointed out that amid global inflation and conflicts, many countries are seeking stable supply sources at reasonable prices such as Vietnamese pangasius.

In the face of unpredictable economic and political fluctuations globally, local businesses are required to diversify markets, grasp trends, and promote the export of processed products

Source: VOV