Shrimp and pangasius exports see fluctuations in May

During the five-month period, pangasius exports grossed nearly US$755 million, representing a slight increase of 3% year on year, while shrimp exports brought back US$1.3 million, maintaining a positive growth rate of 7%.

Meanwhile, the country’s tuna exports in May rose by 36% to more than US$95 million in value, raising the five-month export turnover to nearly US$397 million, an annual rise of 25%.

Most notably, crab exports in May skyrocketed by nearly 92% to more than US$26 million, increasing five-month turnover to US$101 million, up 84% year on year. China and Japan were the two largest consumers of Vietnamese crab in the reviewed period.

VASEP statistics indicate that in May alone Vietnamese aquatic exports edged up by 7% year on year to US$870 million, thereby raising their five-month turnover to US$3.6 billion, up 7% year on year.

With regard to export markets, the United States remained the country’s largest aquatic export market in May with turnover reaching US$170 million, up 13%. This was followed by Japan with US$156.5 million, up 14%, and China with US$149 million, down 8%.

Moreover, the country’s seafood exports to ASEAN member countries fell by 17% to US$48.6 million year on year.

Source: VOV