US extends duties investigation into plywood from Vietnam

The US Department of Commerce (DoC) has announced that it will extend the deadline for issuing its final conclusion on an anti-dumping tax evasion investigation into plywood imported from Vietnam, according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s Trade Remedies Authority.

Accordingly, the DOC plans to issue the conclusion on July 14. This is the eighth time the DOC has extended the deadline.

Previously, the DOC announced the preliminary conclusion of the case on July 25 last year. It said that plywood imported from Vietnam into the US, which had a core using peeled board imported from China, would be subject to anti-dumping and anti-subsidy tax as applied to plywood imported from China.

Plywood from Vietnam which has a core using peeled boards manufactured domestically or in other countries would be exempt from the tax.

The DOC allows Vietnamese enterprises that cooperate in the investigation process to self-certify that they do not use Chinese materials so as not to be subject to measures.

According to calculations of the sector, the number of enterprises participating in self-certification accounts for about 80% of Vietnam’s export turnover during the investigation period.