Unico Vietnam: Developing Software And People

Unico Vietnam is a 100-percent Japanese enterprise that trains advanced information technology engineers who can work in a Japanese atmosphere.

By supplying the industry with engineers that have learnt the Japanese language and Japanese practice from its partner, UK Brain, Unico has created a stable position in the IT market in Vietnam, which lacks engineers able to fit in with Japanese market’s demands Established in December 2004, the Japanese company has operations that cover developing and applying software, developing controlling sites and embedded software, estimating the quality of products, including software and hardware, developing hardware, and supplying IT engineers.

As for its view of conditions needed to develop IT in Vietnam, Unico says that procedures to establish the company and subsidiaries have been handled quickly. An advantage is that the IT environment is being improved to develop the software sector in the city.

As members of the Quang Trung Software City, the company’s leaders says that the city must call for more foreign-invested IT enterprises because they will bring about a lot of foreign currency, attract a large number of workers and contribute to the city’s development.

It also suggested that the software city should provide stable Internet that has high speed and low price, improve the process of importing devices and equipment, set up public transport to and from HCM City’s downtown, and build social facilities for businesses and their employees.


JVPE Building, Quang Trung Software City, Dist 12, HCM City

Tel: 84-8-4370042