Arcadia Consulting Success launched in Vietnam

Arcadia Consulting Group announced its partnership with PropCoach International Inc. on March 2 to reiterate its commitment to helping Vietnam’s real estate agents and developers by providing appropriate skill development opportunities through immersive, personalised learning experiences.

Named Arcadia Consulting Success, the programme offers a comprehensive suite of real estate online courses, webinars, and mentorships designed to help aspiring real estate agents and developers in Vietnam thrive in a rapidly evolving environment.

According to Leong Boon Hoe, founder of Arcadia Consulting Group and CEO of Arcadia Consulting Vietnam, as the nation has transformed into a global business and commercial hub, this collaboration and investment from Arcadia Consulting and PropCoach will help to enrich the local talent, and further cement its ability to adapt to the demands of global investors.

Founded by coach Taco Heidinga, director of Business Development at Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, PropCoach comprises a multinational team of consultants, trainers, and thought leaders who lead by example.

Arcadia Consulting Success has been fine-tuned to improve both individual leadership and group performance in Vietnam. Its first session is set to launch in early April 2023.

According to Heidinga, as the market shifts, agents are realising that it is crucial to modify their strategies to stay resilient in the current climate.

“An agent’s success is not determined by random market forces, but by their own professional and interpersonal prowess. Change is inevitable, but growth is optional. As there is always room for improvement, investing in professional development guarantees that real estate agents are well prepared to meet the challenges of the present and future,” Heidinga said.

Hoe added that it is essential to keep in mind that people’s housing needs do not go away just because the market is in transition.

“Individuals continue to adjust their investment portfolios, or relocate for several reasons, including changes in their personal lives, possibilities in the workplace, and retirement. Consumers will always look for problem-solving assistance tailored to their needs and budgetary requirements,” he concluded.

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