Coffee exports hit record high in Q1

This figure represents a rise of 5.9% in volume and 56.7% in value. The recent surge can be attributed to the rise in the average export price of Vietnamese coffee, which soared by 47% compared to the same period last year to reach US$3,288.  

In the reviewed period, Vietnam exported coffee to 37 main markets worldwide, of which 12 markets recorded turnover of over US$10 million each, making up 71% of the country’s total coffee export turnover.

Germany remained Vietnam’s largest coffee export market with turnover hitting US$229 million, followed by Italy with US$196 million, Spain with US$150 million, Japan with US$131 million, the United States with US$119 million, and Indonesia with US$105 million.

Most notably, Indonesia witnessed the highest growth of 168% in value year on year, while the US saw the largest decrease of 29%.

Meanwhile, the country exported 66,859 tonnes of coffee worth US$242 million to the ASEAN market, accounting for 11% in volume and 12% in value of its coffee exports to the world.

Aside from Indonesia, a key export market, Vietnam also shipped 15,384 tonnes of coffee to the Philippines, grossing US$59 million.

The country also raked in US$38.8 million, US$30 million, US$4.6 million, US$2.4 million, and US$1.6 million from exporting the product to Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, and Cambodia, respectively.

Source: VOV