Garments and textiles emerge as largest Vietnamese export items to Cambodia

Vietnam exported a total of 27 major products to Cambodia during the opening two months of the year, of which garments and textiles witnessed the largest turnover in the market, according to the General Department of Vietnam Customs.

Statistics indicate that garment and textile exports to the Cambodian market raked in US$123 million, while iron and steel exports grossed US$121 million.

Most notably, Vietnam earned US$17.9 million from exporting textile fibers and fibers to Cambodia, while garment, textile, and footwear exports all reached US$56 million.

The nation also raked in US$76.2 million from exporting 88,914 tonnes of petroleum to Cambodia, marking a drop of 12% in volume and 19% in value compared to the same period from last year.

Fertilizer exports to Cambodia reached 67,530 tonnes with a value of US$27.9 million, up 10% in volume but down 5% in value.

Meanwhile, the country also grossed US$11.7 million from exporting machinery, equipment, tools, and other spare parts to Cambodia, while electric wires and cable exports and other means of transport reached US$5.3 million and US$5.4 million respectively. 

Statistics indicate that Vietnamese exports to Cambodia throughout the reviewed period reached US$775.9 million, representing a drop of 6.1% compared to the figure of US$826.4 million recorded in the same period from last year.

In ASEAN, Cambodia makes up the fifth largest export market for Vietnamese items, behind only Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, and Myanmar, corresponding to 13.6% of total trade turnover between Vietnam and the regional bloc during the two-month period.