India is main market for Vietnamese star anise exports

Statistics released by the Vietnam Pepper Association (VPA) indicate that Vietnamese star anise exports reached 1,560 tonnes in May with a turnover of around US$7.2 million, up 5.4% compared to April.

The May figure raised the five-month export of the product to 5,475 tonnes with a total turnover of US$27.5 million, down 14.7% in volume and 29.9% in turnover from the same period last year.

India became the largest consumer of Vietnamese star anise with 3,360 tonnes, followed by the United States and Bangladesh with 399 tonnes and 140 tonnes, respectively.

India is the world's leading consumer of cinnamon and anise products, whilst it is also a major producer of medicinal herbs. Currently, Vietnam dominates the Indian market with more than 80% of cinnamon and anise imports.

Vietnam has an anise growing area of about 40,000 hectares, mainly in Lang Son and Cao Bang provinces in the north, with an annual output of more than 16,000 tonnes.

The country is currently one of the strongest spices exporter in the world, ranking first for pepper and cinnamon export, and second for anise star export.

Import markets of Vietnamese spices are also increasingly diverse such as the United States, the EU, China, India, and the Middle East.

Source: VOV