MARD targets $14 billion in agro-forestry-aquatic exports in Q2

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development targets $14 billion in export turnover of the agro-forestry-acquatic sector in the second quarter of this year, an increase of 3 per cent on-year.

The target was issued in the context of the agricultural sector expecting the international market to recover from the second quarter of this year.

At a press conference on March 31, Deputy Minister Phung Duc Tien said, “To achieve this goal, it is necessary to continue to simplify administrative procedures, establish creative and appropriate production models to reduce production costs and ensure the supply of raw materials."

"In addition, the industry also needs to mobilise all resources for agricultural development, creating favourable conditions for farmers, cooperatives and businesses. At present, the agricultural infrastructure and logistics system are still weak, thus promoting the Distribution of public investment is an important factor to switch from agricultural production to an agricultural economy. Science and technology associated with innovation are the driving forces to change production in the industry,” he added.

MARD leaders noted that it was necessary to determine markets and products, and then focus on trade promotion via agricultural counsellors, and ambassadors. In addition, the ministry will organise business trips for business delegations to visit production facilities to learn from the experiences of others.

The ministry will focus on expanding export markets, removing barriers, and creating favourable conditions for domestic consumption and supporting enterprises to sign new export orders.

It will also coordinate to organise conferences at border provinces to promote trade in agricultural products between Vietnam and China. In addition, in the second quarter of this year, the ministry will participate in a series of events promoting Vietnam's key agricultural products in the United Kingdom for the 50th anniversary of Vietnam-UK relations.

Vietnam Investment Review