Support needed for Vietnamese digital technology enterprises to go global: insiders

Vietnamese digital technology enterprises have both advantages and challenges when going global, and support and coordination are needed, according to insiders.

Speaking at a recent conference “Vietnamese digital companies going global: Global digital cooperation –Trusted partners in building the digital world”, Nguyen Thien Nghia, Deputy Director in charge of the Department of Information and Communications Industry, Ministry of Information and Communication, said that the world technology market can bring many opportunities for Vietnamese enterprises which have an advantage of cheap but high-quality labour.

Tao Duc Thang, Viettel Group Chairman and General Director, said that going global brings opportunities for Viettel, particularly in expanding the market, creating a new environment for development, human resources training, and increasing branding values for both Vietnam and the enterprise.

Going global is also an opportunity to learn from and compete with the world’s leading groups, he said, adding that Government’s support is important to encourage enterprises to develop and expand overseas markets.

Big enterprises should be supported first and then they will lead smaller newcomers, the official said.

Thang suggested that Vietnamese enterprises carefully study the political, and socio-economic situations, laws, and regulations of the countries where they want to invest in.

Lu Thanh Long, chairman of MISA Joint Stock Company, said that the Ministry of Information and Communications should accompany enterprises to quickly connect and cooperate with distributors in other countries.

Long said that enterprises should go together when going global so that they can develop and support one another.

Nguyen Viet Lam, vice general director of Rikkeisoft, recommended that the ministry regularly organise forums connecting local enterprises with international ones.

The Government and ministry should have policies and strategies to connect enterprises with human resources training facilities for a sufficient supply for the enterprises’ going global.