Vietnam posts US$1.7 billion trade surplus in mid-February

Vietnam has seen a trade surplus of US$1.68 billion in the year to February 15, with the surplus of the first half of February alone contributing US$1.1 billion, official data showed.

Of the amount, Vietnam’s goods exports in the first half of February amounted to US$13.4 billion, up 49% over the second half of January, thanks to a strong surge in exports of computers, electrical products and parts thereof (up 54%), machinery and equipment (up 47.7%), and textiles and garments (up 78%).

Meanwhile, the total value of imports surged 36.6% compared to the second half of January to US$12.4 billion, with shipments of computers, electrical products and parts thereof, machinery and equipment, and plastic materials from foreign countries soaring by 24.6%, 44%, and 100.2%, respectively.

The import and export turnover from January to mid-February dropped by 18% and 9.2% over the year-ago period, at US$35.3 billion and US$37 billion, respectively.

Saigon Times