Vietnamese anise exports to India skyrocket by 178% in March

The country raked in US$5.4 million from exporting 998 tonnes of anise in March, representing an annual increase of 79% in output.

In the first quarter of the year, the nation shipped 2,435 tonnes of anise abroad worth US$13.3 million, down 27% in output and 38% in turnover.

With regard to export markets, India represented the largest consumer of Vietnamese anise in the reviewed period with 1,376 tonnes, suffering a fall of 39% and accounting for a proportion of 56.5%.

The United States was the third largest export market with 212 tonnes, making up for 8.7% of the overall proportion and a drop of 16% on-year.

Last year saw the nation earn US$83 million from exporting 16,136 tonnes of anise, up 26% in volume. India remained the country’s largest export market with 499 tonnes, accounting for a proportion of 57%.

Source: VOV