Vietnamese rice prices on the hike

Specifically, the average paddy price at fields rose by 214 VND to 8,000 VND (0.31 USD) per kilo, with the highest reported at 8,050 VND. The average price for paddy at warehouses expanded by 183 VND to 9,475 VND per kilo, the highest recorded at 9,650 VND.

Meanwhile, 5% broken rice was priced up to 14,200 VND per kilo; 15% broken rice, 13,950 VND; and 25% broken rice, 13,750 VND.

Premium white rice saw an increase of 35 VND per kilo to 14,010 VND.

For export, the price of 5% broken rice was 582 USD per tonne, higher than 579 USD of Thailand, and 581 USD of Pakistan.

Vietnam's 25% broken rice was sold at 557 USD per tonne, as compared to 530 USD of Thai rice.