Fiscal policy forecast to be key driver for Vietnam’s growth in 2023 (21/02/2023)
As global demand is slowing and adversely affecting export countries including Vietnam, fiscal policy will significantly help support Vietnam’s economic growth in 2023, experts said.

Vietnamese longan sold well in Japan despite high prices (21/02/2023)
Vietnamese longan is much welcomed in Japan although its retail prices are high, which brings a big opportunity for local farmers.

Vietnam to boost exports to Middle East (21/02/2023)
According to the Vietnam Trade Office in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), industrial and agricultural production in the country is quite limited so it must import food and consumer goods to meet local needs. This presents an excellent opportunity for Vietnam to increase its exports to the market.

Vietnam, Belgium step up scientific-technological cooperation (21/02/2023)
Vietnam wants to step up cooperation with countries that have strengths in science-technology like Belgium, Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung has said.

Thai retail giant to invest $1.45B in Vietnam (21/02/2023)
Thailand’s Central Retail Corporation has announced it will double the number of its Vietnam stores with its largest ever local investment of 50 billion baht (US$1.45 billion).

E.U. Green Deal poses challenges to Vietnamese businesses (21/02/2023)
The European Green Deal will likely affect several Vietnamese industries, depending on the nature of the industry and the specific measures introduced under the deal, a senior trade official has said.

A bold and fresh direction for resort projects (21/02/2023)
After a couple of years of stagnation, investors are channelling financial flows into grandiose resort projects in anticipation of the market’s revival.

Workshop helps Canadian firms understand more about Vietnamese market (20/02/2023)
A workshop to help Canadian businesses better understand about the Vietnamese market was held in both online and in-person format in Vancouver by the Vietnam-Canada Business (VCB) Association on February 18.

Vietnamese cities move to develop more urban green spaces (20/02/2023)
Many provinces and cities across the country plan to expand green urban areas in their localities, aiming to create green spaces thus improving the environment and enhancing the quality of life for locals.

Room for industrial real estate development remains high due to short supply (20/02/2023)
The industrial real estate sector has good prospects in 2023 due to short supply, a shift in the supply chain to Vietnam and its favourable investment policies, experts said.

Ministry to help expand markets for Make-in-Vietnam games (20/02/2023)
The aim is to help Vietnam’s game industry rid itself of prejudice about its harm to people, and serve as a ‘touching point’ for game firms to reach out to the global market.

Huge upside for Vietnam’s organic products in Europe (20/02/2023)
With the strong development of organic farming, Vietnam has extensive opportunities to boost the export of organic agricultural products to Europe, where those products are in high demand and fetch top dollar.

Vietnam-Yunnan province (China) trade ties below potential: Official (20/02/2023)
Despite the high cooperation potential, trade between Vietnam and Yunnan province of China has remained modest at only 3.2 billion USD in 2022, a very small amount of the 175.6 billion USD in trade between Vietnam and China in the year, according to Vu Ba Phu, Director of the Trade Promotion Agency under the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT).

Vietnam looks to boost cooperation with Mexican locality (20/02/2023)
Vietnamese Ambassador to Mexico Nguyen Hoanh Nam paid a working visit to Oaxaca state of Mexico from February 14 - 17 to seek cooperation opportunities between Vietnam and Mexico in general and the state in particular.

Dien pomelos head for UK, farm produce crosses border to China, rice exported to Europe (17/02/2023)
The first consignment of Dien pomelo from Yen Thuy in Hoa Binh has reached the UK, while farm exports to China have picked up again.

Bright prospect for tra fish exports in 2023 (17/02/2023)
Despite experiencing a sharp decline in the last quarter of 2022 and the first month of 2023, tra fish (pangasius) exports still see bright outlook this year, according to insiders.

Vietnam seeks machinery, technology cooperation in India (17/02/2023)
The Vietnam Trade Office in India is running a stall at the 25th International Engineering & Technology Fair (IETF), the biggest among its editions so far lasting from February 16 to 18.

Insiders confident in earning 4 bln USD from fruit, vegetable exports (17/02/2023)
Industry insiders have shown their confidence in exporting 4 billion USD worth of fruits and vegetables this year given rosy signs recorded recently.

EuroCham launches 2023 Whitebook in Hanoi (17/02/2023)
The European Chamber of Commerce Vietnam (EuroCham) held a business-to-government dialogue forum in Hanoi on February 16 to launch its 2023 Whitebook, seeking to strengthen ties with the country in terms of the green economy and sustainable development.

FDI to remain strong in 2023: forecast (17/02/2023)
Foreign investments are expected to flow into the tech and property sectors this year despite concerns about a global economic slowdown.