Vietnam Pushes Hard to Accelerate Major Transport Projects (09/05/2024)
Nationwide effort aims to exceed infrastructure construction goals

Pandora to break ground for US$150 million factory in Vietnam (08/05/2024)
Pandora, the Danish jewelry and manufacturer and retailer, is scheduled to start construction of its first factory worth US$150 million in Vietnam on May 16, according to the Danish Embassy in Hanoi.

Vietnam Unveils Comprehensive Roadmap for Boosting Fuel Reserves and Infrastructure (08/05/2024)
The Southeast Asian nation charts a meticulous course to enhance its strategic stockpiles and logistical networks for petroleum products and natural gas, aiming to fortify energy security amid fluctuating global dynamics.

Firms get updates on EU regulations on imported agricultural products, foods (08/05/2024)
The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety (DG-SANTE), in collaboration with the Vietnam Sanitary and Phytosanitary Notification Authority and Enquiry Point (Vietnam SPS), held a conference disseminating regulations on imports of agricultural products and foods of plant and animal origin into the EU market on May 7.

Over 160 Vietnamese businesses to attend Thaifex food fair (08/05/2024)
More than 160 local firms are expected to introduce their food and beverage products at the Thaifex-Aguna Asia 2024 slated for May 28 to June 1 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Supply pressures ahead for Vietnam’s coffee exporters (07/05/2024)
Coffee export businesses are wary over an October start for the harvest season, meaning healthy export figures thus far in 2024 may be dampened by dwindling supply.

Vietnam, Australia seek opportunities for trade and investment promotion (07/05/2024)
Vietnamese Ambassador to Australia Pham Hung Tam recently had a meeting with Senator Don Farrell, Special Minister of State and Minister for Trade and Tourism of Australia, at the Australian Parliament headquarters.

FDI flows strongly into manufacturing, real estate (07/05/2024)
Vietnam’s industrial real estate industry is expected to continue its strong growth trajectory due to foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows benefiting from tax incentives.

FDI takes on innovation focal point (07/05/2024)
Nearly 40 years since opening the doors to the wider world, Vietnam’s development has witnessed great strides with major contributions from foreign investment, which is now leaning into new priorities such as semiconductor manufacturing and AI.

Accelerated public investment the backbone to new growth (06/05/2024)
Vietnam is being advised by economists to have a bigger focus on boosting the expansion of fiscal policy to fuel domestic production and business activities.

Great potential for Vietnamese products at African Investment, Commerce Forum (06/05/2024)
Numerous Vietnamese products were introduced to potential African partners, such as coffee, pepper, cashew nuts, macadamia nuts, coconut rice, pharmaceuticals and handicrafts at the 10th African Investment, Commerce Forum (AFIC10) held in Algiers, Algeria, on May 4 and May 5.

Foreign investors encouraged to invest in petroleum storage infrastructure (06/05/2024)
The Vietnamese Government has given green light to foreign investors to invest in developing oil and gas storage and supply infrastructure system, but they cannot participate in distributing, importing and exporting petroleum.

Vietnamese pomelo likely to be exported to Australia (06/05/2024)
The import of Vietnamese fresh pomelo into the Australian market may be allowed if the product meets the Oceanian country's biosecurity conditions, said the Vietnam Sanitary and Phytosanitary Notification Authority and Enquiry Point (SPS Vietnam).

Coffee, rice, and durian growers delight as prices hike in global market (06/05/2024)
Coffee, rice, and durian growers in Vietnam delight as prices of agricultural products hike in the global market.

Logistics cost increase: Enterprises shift exports to nearer countries (06/05/2024)
Recent geopolitical conflicts in the Middle East region resulted in a current logistics cost increase of about 130 percent compared to the end of 2023. This pushed export businesses to enhance exports to nearer countries.

Four-month public investment disbursement reaches 14.66% of target (04/05/2024)
The disbursement of public investment in the first four months of this year was estimated to meet 14.66% of the set target and 15.65% of the plan assigned by the Prime Minister, according to the Ministry of Finance.