Ample room remains for Vietnam's exports to China (12/04/2024)
There remains ample room for Vietnam's exports to China and the growth will be directly proportional to the quality improvement of products by domestic enterprises, according to Dau tu (Investment) Newspaper.

Vietnam ready to ride US investment wave (11/04/2024)
Vietnam is on the verge of seeing a massive influx of investments from the US, and stands ready to welcome the wave.

More US firms invest in Vietnam (11/04/2024)
More firms from the United States have come to Vietnam to invest in projects nationwide and study the Southeast Asian country’s market to have an in-depth understanding of how the market works.

Monitoring enhanced to prevent traders from using chemicals to ripen durian (11/04/2024)
Durian in the Mekong Delta has seen a significant price increase; however, dishonest traders have used chemicals to ripen immature fruit, so authorities in the region have enhanced supervision.

Advances in tech aid shrimp output (11/04/2024)
Vietnam’s shrimp industry has experienced a successful first quarter with positive signals from exports, with more high-tech in farming and processing activities helping to improve competitiveness.

Agricultural exports make solid mark in first quarter (10/04/2024)
Vietnam counted a 21.8 per cent jump on-year in agricultural, forestry, and fishery export value in Q1, continuing a stellar performance for the export picture of the country.

Rice exports rise 42% (10/04/2024)

Australia engages with projects across sectors (10/04/2024)
A surge in Australian investment is expected to hit Vietnam following the elevation of the Vietnam-Australia relationship to a comprehensive strategic partnership.

Vietnam Prioritizes Economic Growth in 2024, Striving to Overcome Challenges (10/04/2024)
The Vietnamese government pledges to stabilize the macroeconomy and address headwinds to achieve its ambitious growth targets for the year.

Vietnam – EU’s second biggest coffee supplier in 2023 (09/04/2024)
With 652,000 tonnes of coffee exported to the EU worth 1.66 billion USD in 2023, Vietnam was the second biggest coffee supplier of the EU in terms of volume and third largest supplier in terms of value.

Vietnam's Spice Sector: Maintaining Global Dominance Amidst Challenges (09/04/2024)
Vietnam's leading position as a spice exporter faces hurdles, including quality controls, sustainability concerns, and stricter international regulations. To solidify its market share, the industry must adapt.

Vietnam Emerges as Prime Destination for Taiwanese Investment (09/04/2024)
Taiwanese businesses flock to Vietnam, driving investments and reshaping trade dynamics as Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment highlights the blossoming economic ties at the Vietnam-Taiwan Business Forum.

Where is environmental governance in FDI attraction? (09/04/2024)
While Vietnam and businesses are moving towards sustainability, hubs of environmental concerns remain in attractive investment destinations, requiring a change in order to become competitive.