EU emerges as bright spot among Vietnamese shrimp export markets

Most notably, shrimp exports to the main single markets in the EU bloc in April recorded double digit growth, with exports to Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark all increasing by 29%, 37%, 39%, and 88%, respectively.

During the four-month period, the country raked in US$119 million from exporting shrimp, equivalent to the same period last year.

Vietnamese shrimp exports to the US throughout the reviewed period reached US$168 million, up 5% year on year.

Elsewhere, shrimp exports to China and Hong Kong (China) also rose 41% to US$192 million, while exports to the Republic of Korea edged up by 10% to US$95 million.

Experts pointed out that amid numerous challenges, the Vietnamese shrimp industry is required to promote the production of value-added goods and focus on the farming procedures as a means of increasing productivity, reducing costs, and enhancing competitiveness to achieve higher export turnover this year.

Source: VOV