Vietnam becomes largest coffee exporter to Spain

Vietnam has become the largest coffee supplier to Spain, with exports of 113,550 tons worth $287 million in 2022, according to figures from the Statistical Office of the European Communities (EUROSTAT) cited by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The volume is equivalent to 30.16 per cent of Spain’s coffee imports last year.

It is currently Vietnam’s eighth-largest trade partner in the EU, with bilateral trade turnover of $3.54 billion in 2022, a year-on-year increase of 13 per cent.

Vietnam exports coffee to more than 80 countries and territories, making it the second-largest exporter in the world with a market share of 14.2 per cent.

It shipped more than 323,000 tons in the opening two months of this year, earning $703 million.

Some 1.72 million tons were exported last year, earning $3.94 billion.