Vietnam’s VinFast to set up $500 million EV facilities in India (07/01/2024)
Vietnamese electric vehicle (EV) maker VinFast signed an agreement on Saturday to set up its first manufacturing facilities in India, as the ambitious company seeks to penetrate the world’s third-largest vehicle market.

Three key trends shaping consumer industry’s journey towards digital maturity (07/01/2024)
Deloitte’s latest report reveals three key trends that encapsulate the forces shaping the consumer industry’s journey towards digital maturity.

Vietnam Value hits US$431 billion, up in global ranking (07/01/2024)
The Vietnam Value has moved up one spot to 32nd out of 100 strong national brands globally, with its value hitting US$431 billion, according to a Government official.

Vietnam’s app-based food delivery market not so sweet (07/01/2024)
The market of Vietnamese food delivery through apps has grown strongly in the past few years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CT Group proposes high-speed rail project for Vietnam (05/01/2024)
CT Group announced a bold proposal to the Vietnamese government on January 3 for a high-speed rail line connecting Ho Chi Minh City with Can Tho.

Manpower training crucial for foreign investment attraction (05/01/2024)
As foreign-invested businesses always need high-quality human resources to apply new technologies, training skilled manpower is believed to help Vietnam attract more foreign investment.

Vietnamese firms invest nearly 421 million USD overseas in 2023 (05/01/2024)
Vietnam’s overseas investment, including both newly-registered and adjusted capital, hit 420.9 million USD in 2023, down 21.2% from 2022, reported the General Statistics Office (GSO) under the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

A more sophisticated consumer base (04/01/2024)
Over the last decade, Vietnam has experienced a remarkable surge in food and beverage consumption, which opens vast potential for many international and local brands to jump into this bandwagon.

Momentum created for retail market (04/01/2024)
Retail businesses are still optimistic about their prospects, with the sector predicted to reach a growth rate of nearly 130 per cent in 2024.

Foreign investment attraction one of highlights of Vietnamese economy in 2023 (03/01/2024)
Foreign investment attraction is one of the highlights of the Vietnamese economy in the year 2023 when the world witnessed many difficulties. The arrival of technology corporations to Vietnam to explore opportunities promises a new development.

Vietnam sees huge opportunities to attract high-quality FDI (03/01/2024)
Boasting a highly-open economy, Vietnam has great potential to attract high-quality foreign direct investment (FDI) from major enterprises worldwide, according to insiders.

Vietnam’s 2024 GDP growth target easily obtainable: UNDP economist (03/01/2024)
Vietnam setting 2024 GDP growth target at over 6 percent is easily obtainable, said UNDP Senior International Economist Jonathan Pincus.

Vietnam’s manufacturing expected to grow in 2024 (03/01/2024)
Thanks to hopes for a recovery in demand both domestically and in export markets, plus business expansion plans, manufacturing is forecast to increase this year, according to S&P Global.

FDI performance ends year on a high (02/01/2024)
Vietnam was able to report strong foreign investment attraction results for the whole 2023 on the back of efforts to improve the domestic investment climate.

Further efforts planned to promote Vietnamese ‘bamboo diplomacy’: FM (02/01/2024)
The diplomatic sector will continue to focus on strongly developing the identity of the Vietnamese ‘bamboo diplomacy’ in 2024 by concentrating on a number of focal points, Foreign Minister Bùi Thanh Sơn told the media on the occasion of the New Year.

Time to roll out the “green carpet” for foreign investors (02/01/2024)
In the early stages of economic reform and integration, the Vietnamese government adopted a “red carpet” strategy to attract investors by offering a variety of incentives. This approach proved to be highly effective, resulting in significant achievements in investment attraction.

Vietnam remains destination for foreign investment next year (02/01/2024)
Despite failing to achieve the growth target, Vietnam is still considered a country with high growth in the region and remains to be regarded as a destination for 2024 by international investors.

Vietnam’s direct investment abroad tops 22 billion USD (29/12/2023)
Vietnam invested 421 million USD in overseas projects in 2023, equal to 78% over last year, said a report from the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

Fitch Ratings forecasts favorable medium-term growth for Vietnam (29/12/2023)
Fitch Ratings has forecast Vietnam’s growth in the medium term at around 7%.

New real estate law to clean up conditions (29/12/2023)
The new Real Estate Business Law, passed by the National Assembly in November and effective from 2025, could narrow the scope of regulation and tighten conditions for transferring real estate projects.