Vietnam can import up to 8,000 MW of electricity from Laos


Vietnam can import 8,000 MW of energy from Laos if needed by 2030 to ensure adequate supply for the northern region, especially during peak seasons.

It will buy a minimum of 5,000 MW as agreed in 2016 and a maximum of 8,000 if the infrastructure allows it and the price is reasonable, according to the implementation schedule for the National Power Development Plan the government approved on Monday.

The energy sector has to prioritize erection of transmission grids connected with neighboring countries, backup lines for use during peak times and alternative power sources.

The north may be around 6.8 billion kWh short during the peak dry season from May to July in 2025 since most new power plants will not be completed until the end of that year.

So purchasing electricity from Laos will ensure stable supply.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade wants the government to import more wind energy from Laos in addition to hydroelectricity.

Vietnam has been purchasing hydroelectricity from Laos since 2016 under a bilateral agreement between the two governments.

The new plan also outlined some goals for power generation.

For 2030 the capacity targets are 14,930 MW for gas-fired power, 22,400 MW for energy from liquefied natural gas, 30,127 MW for coal-fired plants, and 29,346 MW of hydroelectricity and 2,400 MW of pumped-storage hydropower.

Offshore wind energy capacity is expected to 6,000 MW and onshore sources, 21,880 MW.

The implementation schedule has been created nearly a year after the National Power Development Plan was approved last May.

The Electricity & Renewable Energy Authority said the delay was due to tardiness in submitting their lists of renewable energy projects by some local authorities.

Source: VnExpress